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Find out where you really belong.

Get Counselled by Experts

Our counsellors are trained and certified to help you choose a career path you’re most likely to be happy and successful in.

Get to know yourself better by talking to one of our 60+ career counsellors, some of India’s best MA Psychology experts.

Choose your career with the help of a well-trained counsellor - each of our counsellors goes through a detailed training programme.

Our counsellors will take you through your Career Report during the counselling session. They will also help you understand your strengths and development areas, and shortlist your top three career options.

Frequently asked questions

About Mentoria

If you’re in Class 8-10, the counselling session will last for 60 minutes. If you’re in Class 11 and above, it will go on for 90 minutes.

The Mentoria Solution

If you’re in Class 8-12, your parents will have to attend the counselling session.

The counselling session is a part of our one-time investment fee and varies for different grades. Head to the Solutions section that best applies to you and scroll down to pricing to select the package that suits you best.

Our offline sessions take place in Mumbai and Pune at our counselling centres.

You can login to your account on www.mentoria.com or attend it from our app.

The counsellor will recommend courses for you. We have a repository of colleges and universities in India and abroad on the website for you to go through and choose from.

The counsellor can only recommend what kind of jobs you should pursue, but finding the right job is up to you.

Other FAQs

One counselling session is all it takes for you to figure out which career path you’re meant to follow. If you’re not satisfied with one session, you could get in touch with us and set up another one, based on your requirement.