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India’s Most Reliable Career Assessment.

Discover yourself and your ideal careers.

Here’s why Mentoria’s career assessment can help you discover your ideal career.

Find out which 21st century career you’re meant for.

Don’t just rely on a ‘foreign’ test to figure out what you’re meant to be. Our assessment has been designed specially for Indians.

Understand who you are (personality), what you like (interests) and what you’re good at (abilities).

Make accurate and informed career choices - our assessment has an 85% reliability, higher than any other Indian career assessment.

Get a list of options to choose from - our analytical engine will check your answers and generate the top 10 careers you’re most likely to enjoy.

Our psychometric assessment measures your interests, personality and abilities.

The assessment has been designed by a team of expert psychologists and psychometricians led by an IIT Delhi psychometrician. It is co-authored by human resource experts and the HOD of Psychology at Fergusson College and Jamia Milia University.

The assessment is designed for Indians and caters to careers of the 21st century.

The assessment has an 85% reliability, higher than any Indian career assessment, and comes with a technical manual to prove it.

Our analytical engine will go through your answers to generate 10 careers best suited for you.

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Frequently asked questions

About Mentoria

The assessment is free and can be taken simply by signing up with us. If you wish to avail the full Mentoria Solution, you can make the payment while booking a counselling session.

The Mentoria Solution

If you’re in classes 8-10, the assessment should take about 20-30 minutes to complete. For all other grades/people, the assessment should take 60-90 minutes.

No. The assessment does not require any kind of preparation.

You will get your report when you book a counselling session as the report is technical and will have to be explained to you by a Mentoria-certified counsellor.

Your personality and abilities are in a developmental stage at that level, which is why we only assess interests at a class 8-10 level. Once you’re older and your personality is fully developed, you could always opt for another counselling session to validate your previous choices.

The reliability of the assessment is calculated using statistical techniques on a large sample audience. While conducting reliability studies, the consistency of test scores is studied on relevant samples. This helps us estimate the accuracy of the test score and proportion of measurement errors in the testing process. 85% reliability suggests that 85% of the people who took the test found the results to be accurate.

We have administered trials on 3,000+ students and over 10,000 students have already taken the assessment.