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Head to the Knowledge Gateway and click on Career Library. You could look for a particular career through the search bar or browse through different sections based on your interests.
You can visit the How It Works section from the menu, or click right here to get started.
If you have already upgraded to the full Mentoria Solution, you can: 1. Login to your Mentoria account 2. Click on your name and image icon on the top right corner of the page 3. Navigate to your Dashboard and explore. You can check out detailed information about your chosen careers, weekly updates on your Timeline, information about Colleges and Universities, and updates about webinars by industry experts! If you haven’t upgraded yet, you can check out the Career Library . All you have to do is type the name of the career you wish to look up and get all the information you need on it. You can also explore a list of Colleges & Universities you could apply to for pursuing that career. You could also check out the Mentoria Blog for career and education related content.
If you have upgraded to the full Mentoria Solution, you can login to your account and access relevant webinars on your dashboard. If you haven’t upgraded yet, check out some of the webinars on our YouTube channel.
You can find out how exactly the Mentoria solution works right here. You can also know more about us here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always head to our home page and chat with us using the chat box on the bottom right corner.
You can visit The Mentoria Blog to check out academic and professional life tips, inspirational career stories, entrance exam details, benefits of career guidance, college survival tips and much more. Whether you are a student, parent, educator or working professional, the Mentoria Blog has something for everyone!
Navigate to the How It Works section and proceed to Step 2, where you have the option to Book a Counselling Session. Make sure you complete the Mentoria assessment before your counselling session.
Navigate to the Knowledge Gateway and click on Colleges & Universities, where you can find details on courses in colleges and universities from India as well as around the world.
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