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About Us

1 in 4 teens in India suffers from depression. - World Health Organisation (2015)

26 students commit suicide in India on a daily basis - Indian Crime Records Bureau (2017)

55% of India’s working population is unhappy and frustrated with the careers they are pursuing. - Monster + GVK (2014)

We aim to change these statistics by helping you discover yourself and your ideal careers.

We interacted with over 3000 individuals to understand what stress and trauma students go through, and realised that most of them were under pressure because they were worried about their future. With over 12,000 career options to choose from, we understand where this worry stems from. That is why, we created a unique and effective solution that enables people to discover the career they will be happiest and most successful in, and handholds them every step of the way.

Our team of experienced psychologists, psychometricians, content researchers, counselling experts and subject matter experts will ensure that all our users have an exciting journey of career discovery as they discover which career is perfect for them. Mentoria is driven by the vision to foster generations of happier, more productive and successful individuals. It is a tool to help you take control and confidently assume more responsibility for the future you plan for yourself.