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Meet Team Mentoria

Sameer Bhakhri
Sameer has been a salesman all his life. In 2010, he quit the corporate sector to move to the social sector. Today, he provides pro bono marketing consulting services to nonprofits. Sameer is Mentoria's Mentor and leads the strategy function. He passionately believes that Mentoria has the capability of positively transforming our nation by enabling our future generations to discover themselves and what they are meant to be, thereby resulting in happier and more successful individuals, families and nations.
Ashish Arora
An astute HR professional and entrepreneur, Ashish is a co-founder at Mentoria. He is also the founder and Managing Director of HR Anexi, a pan India HR consulting firm. He has almost three decades of experience in the Indian corporate world. He was also the Director of Executive Education at ISB Hyderabad in its founding years. He is passionate about education and his ambition has always been to “catch them young, help them find the right calling” and make work fun.
Megha Saluja
Megha is a Human Resource Professional who went through a convoluted career journey before finding her true calling. She has worked with a US-based MNC in Finance. At Mentoria, not only does she hire the best, she also works doubly hard to make sure they love what they do.
Juie Divecha
Juie Divecha has been a writer for almost a decade, most of which has focused on teaching children through stories or finding new ways to sell a brand. When she's not writing, she's bingeing on children's literature and TV shows, whipping up experimental dishes or playing with stray cats and dogs on the road.
Khyati Mehta
At Mentoria, we call her the Content Angel. Her understanding of how students think, feel and consume content enables us to customise content to address students' needs. She is a content strategist at Mentoria.
Shipra Dhar
Shipra has an M.A. in Psychology and several years of diverse experience in the educational sector. She feels driven to connect individuals with their true calling in life! At Mentoria, she focuses on quality, training and development. A wanderluster at heart, she longs to be amidst nature and serene surroundings.
Anshu Prabhat
Anshu comes armed with a dual MBA in Marketing and Personnel Management as well as 7+ years of experience in B2B corporate sales and promotion. He loves interacting with people and providing solutions for them. His passion is to be a catalyst in transforming the nation and enhancing workplace happiness.
Tanya Basu
Tanya has an MBA in Marketing and comes with an experience of 10 years in sales. She has mostly worked with educators in media or K-12 solutions services. Working with students and parents gives her immense pleasure and student interactions bring back her innocent enthusiasm and energy. Apart from working, she also enjoys cooking, travelling or unwinding with a good book.
Amogh Balakrishnan
After completing his MBA in Marketing, Amogh started his career in insurance. He was one of the youngest Area Managers for a leading General Insurance company in India. Having worked for more than five years in Insurance, Amogh finally found his calling in Education. With an aim to make a difference in peoples’ careers, he has taken up roles in various Education companies and helped them turn around their business operations. He is an avid biker and enjoys long rides over the weekends. He is also a Lego fan and can spend hours building things from scratch!
Nikhar Arora
Also known as Dr Future, Nikhar manages people, processes and product at Mentoria. He comes with tremendous amounts of passion and the will to transform our nation into a happier one.