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Roles & Responsibilities


Now that you know what travel agents usually do, look at some tasks and responsibilities common to this career:


Understanding your client's preferences. Before you begin planning the trip, you should have an in-depth discussion with your client on where they want to go, what they would like to do there and their total budget for the trip. Once you have all these details, you can begin planning the trip.

Booking the client's flight/train tickets and making hotel reservations. You might also have to make other bookings. For example, if your client is visiting Singapore, you might have to arrange for his/her tickets to Universal Studios as well.

Helping clients complete formalities to get their visa and other required documents in time. You will have to keep your clients informed of all the documents they will require while travelling, especially if they are going to another country, and help them complete the processes well in advance.


Tracking your clients' booking status and making sure you get confirmed tickets. You will also have to update your client once it is all done so they do not have to stress over anything. They are going on a holiday after all!


Scheduling activities and creating an itinerary. If you're providing a complete holiday package, you need to plan every day’s schedule, meals and places to visit with proper time management.


Updating the customer about changes or cancellation in the plan. An activity you planned may fall through. A visa application may be denied. Natural calamities or other unfortunate events might hamper the holiday. It is up to you to watch out for these irregularities and inform the client if there is a change or cancellation of plans. If an activity or two fall through, you might also have to recommend changes.


Collecting and processing the payments. You will have to discuss the payment plan with your client, arranging to get the money in time for booking tickets and making reservations. You should be clear about all the costs and communicate the same with your client.


Sending tickets and other documents to clients on time. Your client should have all the necessary documents with them well in time for their visa application or holiday. 


Advising consumers about the local weather of the holiday destination. You should be well acquainted with the local weather of the place your client is visiting and guide them on preparing for the same. For instance, if your client is travelling to Switzerland, you will have to talk to them about the average temperatures there and help them carry the right attire for the same.