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Career Overview


The pharmacist at the medical store is the most visible to the layman. They do the job of reviewing a doctor’s prescription dispensing medicines, and processing insurance claims.

Pharmacists build relationships with patients that are completely based on trust. This relationship has tremendous potential. Though medical care is offered by a doctor, nurse and other people in a hospital, the pharmacist connects to the patient more as a regular person. You could do a lot to improve patient health and well-being because a pharmacist seems more approachable and accessible.

Is it any wonder that Pharmacists were rated as the most trusted professionals in the United States for the year 2016?  But, you may be surprised to know that there are diverse career options for pharmacists beyond the typical retail stores or hospitals.

You could also be useful in government, insurance companies, academia, and the pharmaceutical industry. A pharmacist is a medication expert. As a pharmacist, you will distribute or sell medicines. You will also advise patients on the correct number of times to take a particular medicine, considering factors like the patient’s weight, height and age.