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Pay Scale

How much will I get paid?

Directors usually get paid for every contract and project accomplished successfully. You can either work for clients or come up with your own motion picture projects. If you work on a contractual basis, the prices vary for different contracts.

Full-fledged directors who often fund their own projects take a part of the profits as fees. The fee is based on the outcome/reception of the movie. As an independent director, you can charge about 15-20% of the entire box-office collection. However, for beginners, this percentage comes down to 2-3%.

However, your pay scale can be different if you’re purely into directing plays or television. If you get hired to direct a television series or theatre production, you can expect to earn a starting amount of INR 20000.  Your pay widely varies based on the work and the client. If you’re working for more branded and reputed TV channels, you can expect the salary bar to go even higher.


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