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Career Overview


Now, why has data scientist been referred to as the sexiest job of the 21st century by none other than Harvard Business review?


Consider this:

90% of the data in the world was created in the past two years (or so IBM has estimated). The world is slowly shifting online and the internet is becoming more accessible. It is estimated that every second 8 new people join the internet. Can you imagine the amount of data that is going to be generated in the future? All of this data can be analysed, understood and used by companies to understand their customers better. For example, if a coffee machine manufacturing company knew that you had just Google searched coffee machines, and best ones to buy, it would help them instantly target you through social media and other digital properties.

Major internet corporations like Amazon and Google want to keep an eye on the activities of the people on the internet for one simple reason- people are the currency of the internet. Meaning that data scientists work to figure out what people are doing online, what tools they are using and how these impact their behavior.

What you do online, where you do it, what device you use- everything is a data insight. In the world of data science, there are three core problems: acquiring data, doing the math and taking action.

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