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Roles & Responsibilities


Okay, we’ve given you a vague idea of what computer software engineers usually do. Here is a list of the some of the tasks and responsibilities that are common across this career:

Modify existing software or programs and upgrade the programs for efficient functioning of the computer. For example, apps for Facebook or Twitter require to be updated ever so often to improve their working and add new features.

Writing algorithms- a mathematical method to develop software.


Designing, developing and installing programs for different types of computers. For example, computer with a Windows OS would require a different version of the software as opposed to a Macbook.


Testing software to make sure that they function properly. Before releasing an app or software to the public it is tested multiple times internally.


Supervising and assigning work to junior software engineers, associate engineers along with designers, developers and technicians.


Maintaining documents of various software in the form of flowcharts, diagrams and graphs. This is typically what keeps the entire projected documented. Say, the latest version of the Macbook iOS is being developed, different teams will work on different aspects of it. Their work needs to fit in together for a good final product, so they will document every part of the process.


Writing software manuals and instructions. Ever noticed the instructions that your Macbook or Android phone comes with? Thats written by a software engineer too.


Writing codes for websites. You will also have to build websites and other web applications. Based on what the website/application needs, you might borrow from codes written by other developers and customise it for your application.

Handle support and feedback regarding the software.Typically there will be a mechanism through which users can give you their feedback on the performance of an app or a software. You can use that feedback to improve the product.

Train users on how to use certain software.