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Taking a Career Test? Make Sure It's a 'Wholesome' One.

Juie Divecha

Exams are finally over, and it’s time to work on society’s second favourite question: Beta, what do you plan to do in life?

Que Sera Sera?

How will you, in your teens, decide what you’ll excel at as an adult? Sure, it was a lot easier back in the day with a handful of choices, but you live ‘here’, ‘now’, in the age of the world wide web, with options multifold. You have over 12,000 career options to choose from, and automation might even make some of them obsolete! Your parents can’t help you; they, too, are grappling with changing times and technologies. Society can advise and steer you in a hundred different directions, but they don’t know better either. How, then, do you choose a career that you truly enjoy and that pays off?



Ok Google, Tell Me What To Do

A random Google search for ‘career guidance’ will lead you to a thousand aptitude tests. You’ve probably taken one in school; it tells you what you’ll be good at. Aptitude tests evaluate your skills to come to a conclusion, but what about your interests? You may be excellent with numbers, but passionate about painting. An aptitude test will give you a list of finance careers, and you might just take one up. But if your heart lies in painting, you’ll be disappointed with your financial job. However, if the test offered you painting as an option, you would work harder to get better, and a few years down the line, you’d be happy you chose your true calling.



Wait, There’s More!

Aptitude tests only offer a ‘sneak peek’ into your options. Want the real deal, the whole story, the entire feature film? Look for tests that also measure your interests and personality. Say you have a great imagination and flair for all things creative (skill). You would love to be on the big screen (interest). But you’ve always been too shy (personality). A holistic test would then recommend that you pursue direction or script writing as a career. You get to explore your creativity (skill), showcase your work on the big screen (interest) and avoid the intense scrutiny of the camera (personality)! That’s what a psychometric assessment has been designed to do.


One Test To Rule Them All

Holistic psychometric assessments keep your interests, personality and abilities in mind while telling you the career path you’re naturally inclined towards, guiding you towards a more fulfilling journey.

Says Chhandashree Dua, Mentoria’s Psychometric and Counsellor Quality Head, “We all have our innate strengths and weaknesses. Interest is linked to prolonged attention and perseverance. We are likely to put in more efforts to master something we may not be good at, only if it ‘interests’ us.” Psychometric assessments that rely heavily on interests and personality, while also being guided by ability, are far more relevant in helping you choose a career path. This means all factors are taken into consideration before recommending what you would ‘enjoy doing’ for the rest of your life.


What Will It Be?

If you’ve already figured out what you want to do, that’s wonderful! Take the test anyway to be sure you’ve made the right choice. If not, take the test to finally put those questions to rest and give your mind some clarity on what it should look forward to in the years to come.

Go ahead, take our test here.

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