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5 Ways To Prep Your Child for Their Future This Summer

Latika Payak

The exam season is nearly over, and vacations will be here soon. Your children probably already have a vacation planned with lots of friend outings, playtime and fun in general.

However, this summer, while children take a break from school, why not keep their education going by helping them learn some life-skills?

As a parent, I treat vacations as a time to bond with my child - who is otherwise busy shuffling between school and classes. While there is a need to let go of discipline and time constraints in this period, I also think that holidays are a great time for children to learn skills and wisdom outside school,” says Vani Mukherjee, a homemaker, and mother to a 13-year-old from Thane.

The best part about developing future-ready skills during vacations is that children tend to learn better when they are relaxed. Speaking of the future, research indicates that 65% of today’s children will work at jobs that don’t even exist yet. So, how do we help them prepare for something we know nothing about? All we can do is help our children hone their soft skills - like emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, etc. and help prepare them for any challenges they may face in the real world. Here’s how:

1. Squeeze in Time for Brain Exercises

Exercising isn’t just about playing sports and doing physical activities; we also need exercise that feeds our minds. Get your child to devote an ample amount of time to exercise their brain. Give them puzzles to solve or arrange for group treasure hunts to make it fun. Download apps like Lumosity and Peak, and ask your child to try their hand at these games along with their daily dose of PubG. The more they exercise their brains, the better they will develop quick-thinking, and problem-solving skills.

2. Make Time for Storytime

People have always enjoyed stories; from the Stone Age man’s scribblings on walls to interactive tales on our tablets, stories have always been around. There is so much you can learn from stories - how humans interact and behave, what mistakes to avoid, and really cool things you didn’t know before! Stories are also a great way to build your language and communication skills. Get your children to read; watch thought-provoking movies and plays together. Children are always happy to hear stories, so, this is a great method to get them to learn new things that are relevant to their interests. For example, if your child is interested in different cultures, introduce them to movies from different countries and help them know more.

3. Encourage their Interests

With no timelines to stick to, vacations are a great time for children to dive head-on into their interests and hobbies. Encourage your child to showcase their interests and skills. A great way to go about it is to help them pick up a pet project during their vacations. If your child is interested in becoming a veterinarian, enrol them as volunteers at animal shelters, or get them a pet to look after.

Every year during vacations, our housing society encourages children to organise a small fair. My son (Akash) loves it! Kids get to take on tasks, build small businesses and get a taste of real life. They also get to explore their interests. This year Akash, is thinking of setting up a sandwich stall because he loves sandwiches and is sure people will love the sandwiches he makes,” says Vani.  

4. Explore Places, People, Occupation

When you’re planning trips, try to schedule in places that compliment your child’s interests. For example, if they’re interested in history, plan trips to different historical sites or museums. If you can, organise a field trip for your child, or get them to talk to people from different professions. This will open up their minds to new possibilities. Step out, explore, and you will be amazed at how much your child learns merely out of curiosity.

5. Let Them Get Bored…

Pic: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-sitting-and-closing-eyes-on-teal-bench-1076999/

While we know you are eager to make the summer vacations productive for your child, don’t jam-pack their schedule. Give them time to just be with themselves, or let them get bored for some time. You would be surprised by how beneficial taking a break and doing nothing can be. Taking a breather gives children the space to think, and helps promote their creativity.  

Don’t let this year’s summer vacation just pass by in a blur; help your child get future-ready, be it through workshops, a trip, or pet projects, or in your own unique way. Eventually, when you send your children out into the world, they can deal with just about any problem that comes their way. If you find yourself not knowing how to encourage your child, or confused about your child's interest, you can get in touch with us. We are happy to help!